Saturday, 29 September 2012


For the Narrative group project, we have been assigned The Information Age (1970-2000)

This age saw a sudden burst of technological advancement. The world became smaller as people around the globe could communicate faster than ever before.

What was portrayed in science fiction literature and film suddenly became real.

However, with everything good, there was some 'bad' to even it out.
It became easier to steal a person's identity, to take down high profile organisations, to invade on the privacy of individuals.

Today, we live in a world where nothing is secure. Once a certain amount of information enters cyber space, it can never be lost forever. As convenient as that sounds, it is also highly scary. Anyone with the right tools can spy/steal/threaten you via the virtual network of the Internet.

What we plan to focus on is the 'FEAR' aspect of technological advancement. The threat of terror and the fact that it only takes one person and a single click of a button to take the world down.

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